The threat to South African societies has never been higher in recent times than it is now as we live through the catastrophic impact of the coronavirus.

Nonetheless, the COVID-19 pandemic presents an extraordinary window of opportunity for us to unite as fellow South Africans to survive and thrive through this crisis.

Heeding President Ramaphosa’s “Thuma Mina” call and in the spirit of “Ubuntu”, we have brought together a collaboration of South African businesses to keep our nation safe, whilst enabling preservation and recovery of the local economy.

In efforts to Flatten the Curve, government has issued guidelines on the use of several hygiene and health products to curb the transmission of infection.

To support the wellbeing of our fellow South Africans, SSRE provides a range of #StaySafe products and services to ensure that:

  • You and your family are adequately protected during these times of distress and uncertainty.
  • Businesses, schools, educational institutions and government are ready to resume operations safely and responsibly, as phased opening of the economy continues.
  • Our frontline medical professionals and healthcare workers are effectively safeguarded.

To promote local economic growth, our #StaySafe products and services will be sourced exclusively from local manufacturers, local suppliers, SMEs, community-based micro-enterprises and local importers. Through the adoption of this business model, we will:

  • Create jobs
  • Enable sustainable livelihoods
  • Provide access to resilient income for the most vulnerable households in our country

We are committed to creating an inclusive economy and a more equitable future for all.

Every purchase you make will contribute to helping us improve the income earning prospects of South Africans so that we can emerge stronger together.

We are confident that collectively we can overcome these exceptionally turbulent and unprecedented times to prevail as a nation.